Seduced by the Screenwriter Playlist

Seduced by the Screenwriter has a soundtrack! When you see a music symbol in the chapter, listen to the song that accompanies the story. You’ll need to listen on your smartphone, laptop, or another device.

Several songs feature popular artists born in Canada.

Listening to songs while reading the story is optional, but if you’d like to try it, here’s how.

Option 1: Create a playlist before starting to read the novel.

If you have a subscription to a music streaming service such as Spotify or an account with a music retail store such as iTunes, create a Seduced by the Screenwriter playlist on your device using the names of the songs below. Then when you see a music symbol together with the name of a song in the text, listen to that song in your playlist.

Not interested in creating a playlist?

Option 2: Use the YouTube playlist.

Open your Internet browser. When you see a music symbol together with the name of a song in the text, go to the Seduced by the Screenwriter playlist on YouTube and and listen to that song. Alternatively, you can click on the YouTube link under the song in the list below.

Option 3: Preview the songs on iTunes.

If you have an iTunes app on your device, you can listen to previews of the songs while reading the story. Open the iTunes app and log into the Store. When you see the music symbol together with the name of a song in the text, click on the corresponding Playlist link to the song in the iTunes Store. Click on the song to listen to a preview.

Disclaimer: The iTunes affiliate links are more likely to work on Apple devices. Madelle Morgan does not guarantee any links will work on your device. If you’re reading on an ereader, do not have wi-fi, do not have an iTunes account, or have not opened an Internet browser app on your music-listening device, links may not work. Certain songs may not be available on YouTube or in the iTunes Store in your country.



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