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Diamond Hunter

When diamond smuggling leads to murder, diamonds aren’t this girl’s best friend.

Colorado geologist Petra Paris must clear her father of fraud charges by collecting fresh rock samples at an open pit diamond mine in Canada’s far north. Then someone tries to frame her with stolen uncut diamonds. Petra needs protection. Local pilot Seth Cooper, an undercover cop with the RCMP Diamond Protection Unit, needs access to the mine complex. They strike a deal to have Seth pose as her boyfriend so he can overnight on site.

In their bedroom under the midnight sun, Petra fights magnetic desire to sample her bodyguard’s rock-hard body. The prospect of intimacy hot enough to heat up the Arctic is a deadly distraction. She needs to focus on her mission. Besides, Seth is commitment-phobic; his job put his ex-wife in danger.

With cops closing in, escape blocked and millions in stolen diamonds at stake, desperate smugglers ramp up to murder. The isolated mine site becomes a death trap. Seth must expose the villains before Petra becomes the next victim.

Diamond Hunter Chapter 1       Available at Amazon and Kobo.com


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Diamond Hunter  is now $0.99 (USD). Buy it on Amazon or Kobo.com.

The print format is available on Amazon.com, and is enrolled in the MatchBook program. This means that if you buy the print book, the e-book is also yours for only an additional $0.99! 


Update on Caught on Camera - a contemporary romantic comedy set in beautiful Muskoka, Canada:

The first book in the Hollywood in Muskoka series is being edited. Can't wait to start reading Caught on Camera? It's free on Wattpad. Your comments will help me improve the book!


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