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Diamond Hunter


When diamond smuggling leads to murder, diamonds aren’t this girl’s best friend.

Colorado geologist Petra Paris must clear her father of fraud charges by collecting fresh rock samples at an open pit diamond mine in Canada’s far north. Then someone tries to frame her with stolen uncut diamonds. Petra needs protection. Local pilot Seth Cooper, an undercover cop with the RCMP Diamond Protection Unit, needs access to the mine complex. They strike a deal to have Seth pose as her boyfriend so he can overnight on site.

In their bedroom under the midnight sun, Petra fights magnetic desire to sample her bodyguard’s rock-hard body. The prospect of intimacy hot enough to heat up the Arctic is a deadly distraction. She needs to focus on her mission. Besides, Seth is commitment-phobic; his job put his ex-wife in danger.

With cops closing in, escape blocked and millions in stolen diamonds at stake, desperate smugglers ramp up to murder. The isolated mine site becomes a death trap. Seth must expose the villains before Petra becomes the next victim.



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What They're Saying

"This romantic suspense novel is very well written and has it all – complex well-developed main characters with many interesting secondary characters, a good suspense plot with several threads that keeps you on the edge of your seat, fast-paced action scenes, and steamy romance. A bonus is the author's knowledge and experience in mining which is exploited in the novel making the novel even more engaging. Madelle is at ease moving from hot romance scenes to thrilling realistic adventure scenes, keeping suspense high throughout. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes a well-written tale of greed, betrayal, murder, lust and love." —S.R., Nov 2016

Note: The two reviews below are for Diamond Lust, republished in 2015 as Diamond Hunter

“A murder with a smart female character, diamonds, and a super hot RCMP officer – what more could you ask for in a story? Diamond Lust has it all and it works. I thoroughly enjoyed learning a little about the diamond mining in Canada as well as the intricacies of how diamonds are processed and the security around them. Added to this, a super hunky man and a woman trying to ignore her hormones and you have a great read.”  — Tanja, Joyfully Reviewed (2010).

“The love of money is the root of all evil. It would seem that such a truism is borne out in this tale of avarice, greed, betrayal, and murder. Add in a significant amount of romance and you have a very, very good read… This can and should be a very satisfying reading experience for both mystery and romance  fans.” — Judith, Book Binge (July 7, 2010). Read the full review.