Contemporary Romance


Book 1: Romantic Comedy

An opportunity of a lifetime. To achieve her dream of working on Hollywood film sets, star struck chambermaid Rachel Lehmann needs film school tuition by the end of the summer. When she’s asked to fill in for a missing bridesmaid at a movie star’s wedding and pretend to be the bride's cousin, it’s her big chance to secretly take photos of celebrities and sell them to the entertainment media! Then Mickey, one of the groomsmen, sweeps her off her feet.

Mickey McNichol, talent agent to the stars, believes everyone in show business is out for what they can get. When he falls for the bride’s "cousin", he thinks he’s finally met a beautiful woman he can trust. But if Mickey discovers Rachel's ulterior motive, he will ensure she never works in Hollywood.    View the Playlist.


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Book 2: Hot contemporary romance

Ex-cop Catrina Turner is lonely. After a traumatic recovery dive she quit the force and ran away to remote Muskoka with Titan, her retired police dog. They provide winter security for luxury lake houses owned by rich celebrities. Her PTSD, a closely-held secret, makes a relationship impossible…until a handsome visitor makes a tempting proposal.

Screenwriter Chett de Groot needs a hit to save his career. He accepts a movie star’s offer to use her secluded lake house as a writing retreat, and discovers a closet full of her old movie costumes.

Bored, freezing in Muskoka, and desperate for inspiration, Chett entices the beautiful security guard to wear costumes and role-play in seduction scenes. They discover how satisfying  acting can be. Soon Catrina is ad-libbing passionate lines in scorching “performances” that knock his thermal socks off.

A film producer makes Chett an offer that will put him back in the game. But if Catrina finds out what he did to close the deal, will he lose her forever?

Catrina’s path to love and healing is Book 2 in the Hollywood in Muskoka series. This curl-your-toes romance can be read as a stand-alone short novel. Love music? Enjoy the optional “soundtrack”—a playlist.


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Book 3: Steamy contemporary romance

Unrequited love is hell on earth. Personal assistant Wendy Davila is in love with her boss, Halden Armstrong, megastar of the Apollo superhero film franchise. But she can’t compete with the succession of stick-thin blond beauties he’s caught and released. Or can she? When Halden asks Wendy to accompany him on a fishing trip to Muskoka, it’s her chance to remake her dark-haired, curvy Latina self into his ideal woman and cast her hook for Halden.

Can he trust her? Halden has been burned by love. The last thing he wants is a woman like his ex who faked it until she landed him. Wendy is special, and the private trip is an opportunity to explore his feelings for her. However, the Greek god has an Achilles’ heel. Can he trust Wendy with a secret that could ruin his career? And will she still care for him when she learns the truth?

When Apollo falls off his pedestal Wendy must decide if the man she adores is a keeper. 

This star-crossed lovers story can be read as a standalone humorous romance. View the Playlist.


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Hollywood in Muskoka Box Set: Books 1-3


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The Next Big Thing

When Harry the inventor shows up at her bank to apply for a loan, Angela is not impressed by his lack of business plan or collateral. So Harry introduces her to his own brand of marketing by having her try the product herself – the only bra in the world that’s more fun to put on than take off.

The bank might not buy Harry’s idea, but the “support” he has given Angela convinces her to boost his business in return, and they team up to raise enough funds to make Harry’s dream take off. Angela and Harry give each other such a rise that it’s love or bust for the bra-ntrepreneurs as they realize they make a great pair.

The inspiration for the story was a Canadian engineer who invented the world's most popular sex toy.

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What They're Saying

Hollywood Hero

It is clear Wendy's encouragement is what pushes Halden to be a better person, and her experience among the Hollywood elite teaches her to be proud of who she is and where she comes from. For a workplace-to-lovers celebrity romance with a few more mosquito bites than usual and an emotional punch, pick up Hollywood Hero.—Lauren, 

I loved this book. It was great, kept me hooked till the end. Full of excitement.—Kelly,

They’re both in love with the person they believe is each other but do they really know them? This is a story of getting to know the person behind the public facade, admitting to flaws, acknowledging wrongs but still making mistakes.—Splashes Into Books

Seduced by the Screenwriter

5 stars! This Romantic Dramedy is wonderfully written. Catrina is both beautiful and flawed, strong in spite of the past horrors. While not as lighthearted as Caught on Camera, it still manages to to read like your favorite movie you keep in your DVD collection.—Yafania,

4 stars. A great read if you like your action, adventure and romance in one funny bundle.—Molly,

4 stars. This book was sexy, gritty, and thrilling. Morgan imagined a brilliant story that she instantly brought to life.—

Caught on Camera

5 stars + Crowned Heart! Caught on Camera is a super fun read! Full of funny drama and lighthearted banter, it lifts the spirits.InD'tale Magazine 

4 stars. I closed the book thinking how brilliant of a movie this would be, with butterflies in my stomach and a craving for chocolate. So. Fantastically. Sweet! —S. Anderson,

5 stars! If you're looking for a funny, sweet (and slightly steamy) story that reads like a blockbuster Rom-Com, look no further! Caught on Camera is the book for you. You will love this story.—flagyafa2218,

4 stars. A fun, well-written beach read - just make sure you can get online because there's also a playlist, which I thought was a nice touch.—Jenn,

5 stars! "I enjoyed the way movie trivia was worked into the Chapter titles, and the playlist idea is cool. Oh, and the lovably irritating Mopette will tug at your heart."— Sagacity,

4 stars. "This is a cute light romance. It has the rich-meets-poor aka upstairs-meets-downstairs motif—the Muskoka setting, a beautiful northern lake region, is a perfect backdrop for this. The characters are fun, and the romance teases and gets hot. The main character Rachel is a hoot—she grows on you and you appreciate her wit, drive and sensitivity." —S.Diana2, iBooks

"Caught on Camera is a thrilling and exciting story. I cried and laughed along with the characters!" I.R.,

The Next Big Thing

 "I thought it was funny and found myself laughing OUT LOUD several times. Seriously, OUT LOUD.” — Kathie @First Page to the Last Book Reviews, on

"Now where can one buy this O-Bra?” — Cinisajoy, on