Caught on Camera Audiobook Release

Today’s the big day! The Caught on Camera audiobook is available now from several retailers, and will be soon from Audible/Amazon.

The price I set is $9.99. However, retailer prices may vary.

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Insider Info

First, some details about the all important narrator. Vanessa Packwood is a Canadian actor currently based in London, UK. One of the reasons I selected her is that Vanessa is fluent in French. She absolutely nails the Marie-Eve character’s Canadian Québécois accent.

For direction as to Rachel’s character and voice, I sent Vanessa some links to YouTube clips of the TV show Ally McBeal, which starred Calista Flockhart as the leggy lawyer. Here is one of my favorite clips of the show. Ally in this scene is exactly how I imagined Rachel’s natural appearance before she gets the full spa treatment. Young, so handsome guest star Robert Downey Jr. fits my image of Mickey.

Next Up: Hollywood Hero

To complete Halden’s love story arc, Vanessa will narrate Hollywood Hero after the play she is in this winter wraps. The audiobook is scheduled to be released in June 2022, followed by Seduced by the Screenwriter in time for Christmas 2022.

Buy Links

All retailer links can be found on my website.

I hope you enjoy the Caught on Camera audiobook. If you do, please leave a review.

Stay warm & stay safe!


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