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Halden and Candy’s wedding takes place in June, and I arranged this June promo to coincide.

The audiobook is free to download from Apple Books. It is also discounted by the other retailers for the month of June. Find all the links on my website.

There is more news

As I type this, my narrator, Vanessa Packwood, is finalizing the audio of Hollywood Hero, which was especially tricky to record because there are several character accents. The housekeeper is of German heritage, there are a couple of French Canadian characters, and of course Wendy is Latina. Two dog characters – different breeds – have a voice as well.

Since Vanessa is in the UK, an English accent comes naturally. I was surprised to learn one of the secondary characters has an English accent!

The Caught on Camera June promo is a lead-in to the upcoming release of the Hollywood Hero audiobook in August. Wendy and Halden’s rocky road to love takes place at a rundown fishing lodge exactly one year after the wedding.


The Hollywood Hero audiobook will be promo-priced in August. Be sure to check your inbox (or spam folder) for the August newsletter, or mark your calendar to visit my website in August for the links.

Last but not least, another dog has temporarily joined our family. Tucker is a three year old Bichon Frise. I think I manifested Mopette into my life!


Have a great summer!


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  1. Fan girl

    Great to catch up on your news! I laughed out loud about manifesting Mopette :-D! You go girl…

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