Blog Tour Giveaway Winners!

Caught on Camera Blog Tour Winners

Debby from Connecticut won the grand prize of movie clapboard, autographed copy of Caught on Camera, and socks illustrated with Mopette!

Sharon, Anne, Trix, Lisa M., and Meredith won ebooks. Congratulations to all.

I still have a size large “What Happens in Muskoka Stays in Muskoka” tank top and a size medium Muskoka T-shirt to give away because a couple of winners preferred the alternate gift. I will give them away to the first two people to say which they prefer (large or medium) in a comment on the blog post. You can see this post at

In a final excerpt Rachel officially meets Mickey on the golf course in her “bride’s cousin” identity.

This wraps up the Caught on Camera launch tour and giveaways.  I’m very grateful for all the awesome reviews.  Links to all the reviews, interviews, and excerpts are perma-linked here: MadelleMorgan/News.

Caught on Camera will still be promo-priced at $0.99/ 99P through to January, 2017 because it will be featured on Read Cheaply and Bargain Booksy Dec 26 and 27 respectively. In February it will revert to the permanent price of $4.99.

Quick Trip to Arizona in December


I met this sweet, smart, ADORABLE 4 month old Shih Tzu when in Phoenix, AZ last week.

I simply fell in love with her spunk and energy, and absolutely will have her “star” in a book tentatively entitled Final Cut.

This cutie was named Belle because she’s so tiny that her owner put a bell on her “diamond”-studded collar so she can find the dog in the house!

Don’t you love Belle’s holiday sweater?




Now it’s time to move on from Caught on Camera promo and focus on the rewrite and editing of Sex and the Screenwriter, Book 2 in the Hollywood in Muskoka series. It takes place in January, so Ottawa’s bitter cold, snowy weather is sure putting me in the mood for this story.









P.S. -25 deg C = -13 deg F.

Happy Holidays!


5 comments on “Blog Tour Giveaway Winners!

  1. Anne

    I would love a medium one very much. Thanks for this lovely giveaway.

  2. sharon

    A size medium T-shirt would be wonderful. Something which I would treasure.

  3. I wear a large!

  4. johnbeverly2014

    Would love the medium T- shirt! Enjoyed the blog!

  5. Lillian

    I’d love to have your 2nd size Large! Lillian

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