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Series Outline – 1st Blog Tour Post

A reader wondered how the books in the Hollywood in Muskoka series will tie together? After all, these are Hollywood movie-makers who live in LA. What are they doing in Muskoka? So, I start off the Caught on Camera launch tour with a Blogs and Coffee post describing the books in the series. I still haven’t decided if Candy should get her own story. What do you think?

Reviews are part of the tour. Here’s a 4 star review by Lucias Book Reviews. Thanks, Lucia!

You can join the Facebook Blog Tour Event or watch for these emails with the latest blog tour posts, interviews and reviews over the next two weeks. There are Rafflecopter e-book giveaways at each stop, plus a grand prize giveaway, so please share this opportunity with friends who love romance!

Winners of Giveaway ending November 13

Congratulations to the five winners of a Caught on Camera ebook: Lisa from California, Trudy from Oregon, Jennifer from Missouri, Christina from Texas and MintPearls, who still has not contacted me. Where are you, Minty?

Lisa from New Hampshire won two print copies of Caught on Camera (which she chose instead of a Muskoka T-shirt) plus a themed surprise gift that I can’t reveal because it’s in the mail!

Subscribers to this blog have a good chance of winning, because I’m going to keep giving away Muskoka T-shirts until I run out!











2 comments on “Blog Tour Starts Today!

  1. This is Lisa in New Hampshire, I received my books, and I was thrilled!!!! I felt like a kid at Christmas when the mail came ! Thank you so much!

  2. admin

    Awesome, Lisa. You are very welcome! – Madelle

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