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Win a paperback copy of Seduced by the Screenwriter

The dog days of summer aren’t completely over! I’m awarding a proof copy of the “hot off the press” Seduced by the Screenwriter paperback to the person who suggests the name I choose for the dog in the upcoming Hollywood Hero, book 3 in the Hollywood in Muskoka series.

In Hollywood Hero, Halden Armstrong and Wendy Davila stay at a remote Muskoka fishing lodge. Yes, you guessed it…this is the “cooped up together in a remote cabin” romantic trope. The A-list actor and his personal assistant have such busy lives in LA. How else can I get those two to spend time together overnight?

The dog-in-residence at the fishing lodge is an old Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  My family had two beloved female Chesapeakes when I was growing up. They were both very smart, loved the water, and were protective of us kids. Although many Chesapeakes are owned by duck hunters and are trained to retrieve ducks, our dogs only ever retrieved balls and sticks.

Chesapeakes have thick, curly short hair. In Hollywood Hero, the female is this cinnamon color, and is eleven years old.

To enter this contest, put your dog name suggestion in a comment on this blog post by September 30. This contest is only open to  subscribers of my blog, so you have a good chance to win! I will announce the winners on October 1.

Name this old female Chesapeake!


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Seduced by the Screenwriter is available in paperback at these links: | | |

I took the ebook out of Kindle Unlimited and made it available on Kobo and iBooks for $3.99.

I hope you had a great summer.



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12 comments on “Name the Dog Contest


    Katniss….after young Miss Everdeen from the Hunger Games….a hunter herself and a good name for your beautiful girl

  2. Sharon Guagliardo

    How about Chessy!

  3. Shannon Capelle


  4. Mary Preston

    I rather like CINNAMON.

  5. Jean Craven

    Old Yeller from the book Old Yeller love that movie

  6. Pokey is the name of my first dog. She was a great dog.

  7. Anne


  8. sharon


  9. Marlene Blakney


  10. Elle

    JR or Jessie — short for Jessica Rabbit, an iconic Hollywood readhead! Or Annie, after the iconic Canadian redhead–Anne of Green Gables :-D.

  11. Lilly

    Thick and curly short-haired redheaded star of a Hollywood in Muskoka romance story? Lucy (as in Lucille Ball)

  12. Growing up, Cindy was the name of one of our Chesapeakes (Taffy was the other), so Mary Preston was very close when she suggested Cinnamon!

    After thinking about all these cute names, I decided on Brandy! Marlene Blakney wins the copy of Seduced by the Screenwriter! Congrats!

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