The Dog Ate Her Diamond Earrings

It was in the half-unpacked mess that (Eira Thomas) lost a pair of earrings set with two-carat diamonds from the Diavik mine. She’s pretty sure her dog Melville ate them. (“He likes shiny things,” she says.) – from an article at

Back in 1994 when she was only 25, beautiful red-haired geologist Eira Thomas led the field team that discovered a multi-billion dollar diamond deposit in Canada’s Northwest Territories. She became a very wealthy woman known in mining circles as the “Queen of Diamonds”. Eira is also the inspiration for the character of Petra Paris, the diamond hunter geologist in Diamond Lust.

So whatever happened to Eira?

According to, “Thomas is out to prove that she is not just the luckiest woman in the world but that she remains a diamond explorer to bet on.”

Now 41, she is Executive Chairman of her company, Stornoway Diamonds Corporation, and married with children. See her photo. The company is focused on Renard, a promising diamond development project in northern Quebec. According to the Globe and Mail, Renard will be Quebec’s first diamond mine, going into production in late 2013.

“Renard” is French for fox. Coincidently, I originally chose Fox Lake rather than Ptarmigan Lake as the name of Diamond Lust’s fictional diamond mine.

But I digress…

Although Eira’s dog ate one set of earrings, the Queen of Diamonds has buckets of the sparklers. The studs have been replaced.

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