The Mayor Attended My Book Launch!

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood….

My local independent bookstore, Collected Works, is making a name for itself as the place in the city to launch a book. It’s located in a trendy area with an outdoor market, theatre, coffee and tea shops, and fabulous restaurants.

Diamond Lust Book Launch

Most importantly for authors, there is plenty of walk in traffic. A very familiar man approached my table. OMG. Jim Watson, Ottawa’s mayor!

Jim Watson

“Have you come to my book launch?” I asked, flabbergasted. Our mayor is known for attending hundreds of events per year.

“Actually, I’m here to pick up a copy of the Globe and Mail.”

Not to be deterred, I stuck out my hand to shake his, and with the other offered one of my booklets containing the first chapter of Diamond Hunter. Like the successful politician he is, Mr. Watson graciously shook my hand and accepted the booklet.


Some other authors dropped in for Inuit herbal tea and bannock. L to R: Candice Vetter, moi, LeeAnn Burke, and Sharon Page all helped to make the day special.

Another friend, Marie Lilly, announced that she’d completed a revised screenplay inspired by Diamond Hunter, has sent it off to an interested director, and has entered it into an L.A. screenplay competition.

A big hug and thank you to the wonderful Chris, Craig and the staff at Collected Works and to the friends and readers who dropped by.

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