Preview Caught on Camera on Wattpad

I’m close to giving my editor the final draft of Caught on Camera, a romantic comedy/New Adult novel. It’s the first in my Hollywood in Muskoka series. The description is on my website here.

Have you heard of Wattpad? It’s a FREE social media site where writers can post their work and have readers comment. If readers like the story, they vote for it.  The more votes, the more visibility, and that generates more followers.

Wattpad is also a place where readers can:

  • find free (non-pirated) complete novels/novellas and short stories, and
  • sample published author’s books – a “try before you buy” option.

Dan Brown has several chapters of The Da Vinci Code on Wattpad. He also has 24,000 followers. I have two followers. Well, one has to start somewhere!

A friend encouraged me to put up a series of excerpts in advance of publication in late fall. I joined up this week and will be posting a scene on Wattpad every couple of weeks. To read them, sign up for free on Wattpad,  and follow me at . You’ll receive an alert every time a new scene is posted.

Please comment on Caught on Camera and let me know what you think. Reader feedback prior to publication is Wattpad’s big draw for me.



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